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How we start our new clients here at Functional Fitness St Andrews

To get set up with us here, we have a great step-by-step plan for you to follow to get the most out of your time here at Functional Fitness.

  1. Register your details in the form below
  2. Once you have submitted your details, the screen appears to take 3 FREE trial sessions of CrossFit Lite. You can book there, or one of our staff will be in touch to book them in for you. At this stage, you will be offered an appointment with a coach to discuss how best we can help you hit your goals.
  3. Enjoyed those free trials?! Sign up for any membership.
  4. Fees for new memberships are straight forward. The pro-rated membership fees which vary depending on the membership package, plus £49 joining fee – For this you get 5 sessions 1-1 with a coach. These are mandatory for everyone joining a Functional Fitness Gym, unless transferring from another CrossFit box where you have done a fundamentals program. The 5 sessions with a coach allow you to do many things
    • Learn the fundamental techniques we will used in classes here at Functional Fitness, such as Clean & Jerk, Snatch and the kipping movement.
    • Develop these techniques and get advice tailored to YOU and when they come up in class, how to scale these exercises to achieve the goal and to get the most out of your membership here.
    • Build a rapport with one of our coaches to make you feel more comfortable in the environment, who you can ask any questions health and fitness related to get you going!
  5. Get seriously FIT, achieve your goals and enjoy everything our fantastic community of fitness lovers has to offer!

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Our registration process is really simple, buy your number of sessions for the month, book your class times and come along and enjoy the workouts!

If you have any questions please Contact Us.

If you are familiar and competent with performing such movements as snatch, clean and jerk, overhead squat – please click “I have done CrossFit before”.

If you have no idea what we just said – DO NOT WORRY! Our team will make sure you know and are able to perform anything you need to in our classes! You may have done other types of fitness or you may not have done anything at all; either way, please select “I am new to CrossFit” and let’s make those first steps towards making your life more fit and adventurous.