CrossFit is at the heart of what we teach here at the gym.


Don’t let the YouTube videos or rumours fool you! CrossFit is all about making exercise varied, vibrant, purposeful, and adjustable for every single individual on the planet- and we mean everyone!


We teach you all the basics of lifting weights, doing effective cardio workouts, and what techniques are safest, most functional and most proven in getting you fitter, stronger, and most importantly….improving your quality of life outside of the gym.


  • Workout of the Day
  • Could be ANYTHING
  • Scaled to suit your needs
  • Led by a Certified, Associated Trainer

We want to help you get fit, stay fit, and keep doing so for the rest of you lives! We teach you about making exercise sustainable, and enjoyable, so that it can be something you continue for many years to come…ensuring that you will always feel physically, and mentally fit and prepared for whatever life has to throw at you!


Let us help you be the most confident, happy, and healthiest version of you that you can possibly be.

** CrossFit fundamentals classes or one-to-one sessions with the coach should be attended before trying those classes

Duration:60 mins
Class Type:Could be ANYTHING
Class Size:15