Welcome to Functional Fitness St. Andrews

At Functional Fitness St. Andrews, our absolute priority, is to ensure that every person that walks through our doors, is taught how to exercise effectively and safely, and is made to feel good about themselves.

Our gym is not exclusive to fitness enthusiasts or keen athletes…

We are here for you!

We believe that great quality training and coaching, in a supportive, inclusive, friendly, accepting and empowering environment is a product that the entire population deserves.

So whether you are already confident with your fitness but are looking to take it up a few notches, or if you’ve never even set foot in a gym let alone picked up a barbell before, you are guaranteed to receive first rate care and passionate guidance from our kind and talented coaches.

Everyone here is equal, and with the combination of high quality movement, top notch advice, all provided in a fun, stress free atmosphere that is full of wonderful people and friends around you, it’s impossible not to see results.


Functional Fitness also offers one-to-one Personal Training services. You can book a free consultation to discuss individual requirements.